2023 OMT50 - Legacy Lanes Challenge - SUNDAY EVENT
OMT50 - Legacy Lanes Challenge - SUNDAY EVENT
Welcome to the 2023 OMT50 - Legacy Lanes Challenge - SUNDAY EVENT

Hosted by Legacy lanes and lounge
Sep 24,2023


Entries are now closed for this tournament. You can see the results right here at
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** A note from your tournament director:
OMT50 #2 - Legacy Lanes Challenge-Legacy Lanes 2023/24 season - 50 and Over Event. $110 entry. 5 qualifying games across 10 lanes. Cut on a 1 in 4 ratio. Based on 48 entries: Cut to top 12 with top 4 seeded into bracket. One game head-to-head match to cut to 8 then top 4 come into bracket for head-to-head matches until we have a winner. Also top player aged 60/over outside the cut are guaranteed $110 back. There will be side action of brackets (games 1-3,2-4,3-5,& 4-2 Reverse), High game Jackpots 1-4, Game 5 Super Jackpot, Series Jackpot, ball raffles, and a $20 Game 1-4 eliminator. Stay tuned for additional information once it is available. Contact Dennis Haines 614.586.6682 or Mike Craig 614.563.2593 for additional details.