2024 Nampa USBC City Tournament
Nampa USBC City Tournament
Welcome to the 2024 Nampa USBC City Tournament

Hosted by Nampa Bowl
Apr 6,2024 to Apr 13,2024

Nampa USBC City/Team - $120 entry
Nampa USBC City/D - $60 entry
Nampa USBC City/S - $30 entry

Ask your tournament director if next time you'll be able to enter online
at TournamentBowl.com.
Contact Director

** A note from your tournament director:
This is a team and singles/doubles event You can bowl team or singles/doubles
Downloadable Forms:
Rules:   2024 Nampa Open City Tournament 2.pdf
Rules:   2024 Nampa USBC Open 1.pdf