2022 NE Youth Open and U23 Tour, Stop 3 (Norfolk)
NE Youth Open and U23 Tour, Stop 3 (Norfolk)
Welcome to the 2022 NE Youth Open and U23 Tour, Stop 3 (Norfolk)

Hosted by King's Lanes
Sep 4,2022

U15 Qualifying - $60 entry
U18 Girls Qualifying - $60 entry
U18 Boys Qualifying - $60 entry
U23 Qualifying - $60 entry
Handicap Qualifying - $60 entry
U15 Match Play - $0 entry
U18 Girls Match Play - $0 entry
U18 Boys Match Play - $0 entry
U23 Match Play - $0 entry
HDCP Match Play - $0 entry
U15 Junior Gold - $37.5 entry
U18 Junior Gold - $50 entry

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** A note from your tournament director:
9/4/22, Youth and up to age 22; JG qualifying including U20
Downloadable Forms:
Rules:   2022-2023 Full Tour Stop Rules.pdf Full Tour Rules
URL:   https://www.facebook.com/NEYouthBowling Facebook Page
Rules:   Open_Tour_flyer_2022-2023.pdf Tour Flyer